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Settings for Hotmail & Outlook 2007

Configuring Outlook 2007
Account Settings for Hotmail & Outlook 2007


  1. In Outlook 2007, click on the Tools menu, and then click Account Settings .
  2. Click the E-mail tab, and then click New .
  3. Click to select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP , and then click Next .
  4. Click to select the Manually configure server settings or additional server types check box, and then click Next .
  5. Click to select Internet E-mail , and then click Next .
  6. On the Internet E-mail Settings screen, type the following setting information:
    1. In the Your Name box, type your name as you want it to be displayed to recipients.
    2. In the E-mail Address box, type your email address. For example, type yourusername@hotmail.com .
    3. In Account Type , select POP3 .
    4. In the Incoming mail server box, type pop3.live.com. (not hotmail.com)
    5. In the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) box, type smtp.live.com. (not hotmail.com)
    6. In the User Name box, type your Hotmail account name. (hotmail email address)
    7. In the Password box, type your Hotmail password.
    8. Click to select the Remember Password check box, if you want to save it.
    9. Leave the Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA) check box unchecked.
    10. Click More Settings.
    11. Click the Outgoing Server tab, and then click to select the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication check box.
    12. Click the Advanced tab, and then click to select the This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) check box under Incoming Server (POP3).
      Note The Incoming Server (POP3) box should be set to port 995.
    13. Select TLS for Use the following type of encrypted connection under Outgoing server (SMTP) , and then click OK.
      Note The Outgoing Server (SMTP) box should be set to port 25. (If port 25 is blocked in the network or by your ISP, you can set SMTP port to 587)

  7. On the right side of the Internet E-mail Settings screen, click Test Account Settings.

    If you do not receive errors, your email account is set up correctly. Go to step 8.

    If you receive an error, make sure that you have entered all the information correctly, and then click Test Account Settings again.
    If all the information is correct and you continue to receive errors, go to this "Microsoft Article" for more help.

  8. Click Next , and then click Finish.


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- Setting Up Outlook 2007 and Hotmail


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